The digitalization of the ROTI method: Interview with Seibert Media

As a sponsor of the Tools 4 Agile Teams Conference 2020, our co-founders Mathis and Pelle had the pleasure of an interview with Paul from Seibert Media at the beginning of this year. In the video we play through a meeting scenario using our software and show how our software works.

Seibert Media advises companies in matters of agile work and provides them with suitable collaborative software solutions. They are also the organizers of the annual Tools 4 Agile Teams Conference, which this year will be held digitally and on-site in Wiesbaden from December 3rd to 4th. In the course of the conference we were able to conduct a short video interview with Paul from Seibert Media. We used this opportunity to play through a live meeting scenario and to show exactly how our software works.

The video is in German. Youtube offers the possibility to translate subtitles automatically. To do so, you have to activate subtitles and then click on Auto-translate under Settings - Subtitles.

We address the following topics in the video:

  • Mathis and Pelle introduce themselves. (0:40)

Here you can find a short introduction of our team.

  • What is TimeInvest? (01:10)

TimeInvest is your online tool to evaluate and improve meetings quickly, easily and anonymously. 

  • What are the biggest challenges with regard to meetings? (02:18)

The biggest challenges with regard to meetings are:

- no or insufficient agenda
- wrong or too large group of participants
- delays
- too many irrelevant conversations
- use of digital devices

  • How do I set up a meeting? (05:33)
  • How do I rate a meeting? (06:26)
  • This is how the overview of an evaluated meeting looks like. (07:41)
  • This is how the Premium version works. (09:35)

Here you can find a detailed manual of our software.

  • Who is the typical TimeInvest user? (19:43)

Some of these are Agile Leads, Team Leaders, but also Managing Directors.

  • This is what the meeting history looks like. (20:50)

Here you can find a detailed manual of our software.

  • This is the average amount of time a manager invests in meetings. (25:13)

15% of an organization's collective working time is spent in meetings. 2 days every week are being spent on meetings by the average executive.

  • This is how easy and fast you can get clear results. (25:35)

Here you can find a detailed manual of our software.

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