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Overall Mission: Why do we exist?

Engage people to value time, invested in meetings

Vision: What does success look like?

timeinvest becomes the normal & seamless way to evaluate meetings

Time is valuable. In the course of our careers, however, we have all too often found that this commodity does not always receive the appreciation it deserves in the working world. While economic science has developed numerous methods for evaluating the use of capital, the use of time often remains unevaluated and unmanaged.

One of the biggest time wasters in companies are meetings - studies show that on average 15% of an organisation's total working time is spent on meetings. In reality, however, these meetings are often highly inefficient or even useless for the participants. Employees spend countless hours in inefficient or even worthless meetings while work piles up on their desks. This not only costs companies enormous sums of money - it also reduces employee motivation.

When Mathis learned about the so-called ROTI (Return on Time Invested) method years ago and successfully applied it himself and told us about it, it was clear to us that we should digitize this principle and make it available to all companies. The birth of TimeInvest. And it works very simply: create a meeting, send evaluations to participants and then use the qualitative as well as quantitative feedback to improve the meeting, or abolish it.

With TimeInvest, we give employees a simple tool to quickly and easily measure and improve meeting efficiency. After all, who better than the employee in question could estimate his or her time use?

Time is valuable. We want to encourage people to appreciate it again, thus saving costs and motivating employees.

Mathis Christian - CEO

Mathis originally comes from the music business. Through the organisation of promotions and events and the foundation of a digital music distribution as well as several music labels, he came to project management in the web sector. He has been working as an agile coach and Scrum Master for ten years and was also involved in the founding of several start-ups. Some years ago he learned about the so-called ROTI (Return on Time Invested) method, a derivation of the well-known principle of ROI (Return on Invest). After having successfully applied this method by using Post-its and Excel spreadsheets with many customers and in his own team, he decided to digitize this principle and make it available to many companies. He quickly convinced his co-founders Pelle Boese and Marius Schulze of this intention and together they founded TimeInvest mpm GmbH in 2019 .In Mathis private life, besides his family, everything still revolves around music.

Pelle Boese - CTO

Pelle is a veteran of web development. His native languages are PHP and SQL, among many others, and his passion is building scalable, high-performance web applications. After studying computer science at the University of Kassel, he started as a freelance developer and successfully implemented numerous projects in the web sector. He then took on various roles as consultant and CTO and founded several companies. His hobbies are cooking, sofas and sarcasm. He also describes himself as annoyingly political.

Marius Schulze - Co-founder

Marius has more than 14 years experience as an entrepreneur. He has a degree in business information technology, has invested in over 20 start-ups and helped them build their brands. He founded "MAKERS", a Berlin-based company for scaling companies. Between 2014 and 2017, MAKERS start-ups were awarded several times with the "Fast 50 Rising Star" for Germany's fastest growing start-ups.

At the same time Marius is an "Angel Investor". In this role he invested in "ResearchGate", the Facebook for scientists.

Marius is a holder of the Medal of Honour of the German Armed Forces. In his free time he likes to work artistically with wood and stone and riding his motorbike. He keeps himself fit with cycling, tennis and rowing. Marius is very close to nature and likes to spend his time in the garden and nature.

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