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Overall Mission: Why do we exist?

Engage people to value time, invested in meetings

Vision: What does success look like?

timeinvest becomes the normal & seamless way to evaluate meetings

Time is valuable. In the course of our careers, however, we have all too often found that this commodity does not always receive the appreciation it deserves in the working world. While economic science has developed numerous methods for evaluating the use of capital, the use of time often remains unevaluated and unmanaged.

One of the biggest time wasters in companies are meetings - studies show that on average 15% of an organisation's total working time is spent on meetings. In reality, however, these meetings are often highly inefficient or even useless for the participants. Employees spend countless hours in inefficient or even worthless meetings while work piles up on their desks. This not only costs companies enormous sums of money - it also reduces employee motivation.

With TimeInvest, we give employees a simple tool to quickly and easily measure and improve meeting efficiency. After all, who better than the employee in question could estimate his or her time use?

Time is valuable. We want to encourage people to appreciate it again, thus saving costs and motivating employees.

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