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Free Meeting Evaluation Enterprise Solution
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Free 0 5 Meetings Free Trial
Basic 5 20 Meetings Free Trial
Medium 15 50 Meetings Free Trial
Professional 100 ∞ Meetings Free Trial

Number of meetings that can be created (and evaluated).


Number of Users that can be registered and active.

Number of evaluations that can be performed per meeting.

Meeting participants can provide qualitative text feedback.

The feedback from meeting participants is always anonymized.

Evaluation is linked to email address, falsification by repeated evaluation of one participant is not possible.

Calendar view shows the existing meetings. Evaluation history shows the ratings of all meetings per week or month. Color of meetings corresponds to the performed evaluation of the respective meeting (red, yellow, green).

Possibility to download and install the timeinvest.com G Suite integration. Meeting will automatically be created in TimeInvest when clicking the timeinvest.com button in Google Calendar. Including all meeting participants, meeting description, date, begin, end, interval.

Our offer is aimed exclusively at the self-employed and traders. All prices are therefore exclusive of 16% VAT for B2B customers within Germany, the reverse charge rule applies to customers within the EU and VAT does not apply to B2B customers outside the EU.

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