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“Return on Time Invested (ROTI)” is a quick and easy method to measure if the invested time for
meetings added value
and to improve their effectiveness.

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15 %

of an organization’s collective working time is spent in meetings. While companies have developed numerous elaborate procedures to use their capital properly, time remains more or less unmanaged.


of meeting participants send three or more emails for every 30 minutes of meeting time.

a 5 minute delay

at the beginning of every hour-long meeting costs a company 8 % of its meeting time and by that actual salary costs.

2 days

every week are being spent on meetings by the average executive.

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How TimeInvest works



Add your meetings

Your existing meetings have room for improvement? Easily add them to your TimeInvest dashboard to improve them in the future.



Get direct feedback

All meeting participants will automatically be notified to anonymously rate the previous meeting on a scale from 1 (bad time investment) to 5 (good time investment) and suggest potential improvements.



Evaluate meetings

TimeInvest automatically calculates an overall evaluation of the meeting and shows you all results and comments in a manageable dashboard.


Act on the feedback

With this concrete and direct feedback, you know how to optimize the next meeting: New agenda, different participants or one instead of two hours time.

TimeInvest Meetings on Desktop and Mobile

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