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Our story

In today's fast-paced business environment, effective meetings are crucial for success. However, studies reveal that meetings can often be a major drain on productivity, consuming over 15% of an organization's total working time. As a manager or meeting owner, it is imperative to optimize these valuable moments to maximize outcomes.

Our team has accumulated significant expertise in the HR industry, where we successfully established and expanded the leading position in the European market for employee onboarding. Guided by the principles of agility, our team is dedicated to enhancing business processes that enhance the employee experience. Our meeting intelligence platform provides firsthand insights that can propel your organisation to the next level.

In the past 2 decades - being in countless meetings - the founding team of Timeinvest experienced the power of efficient and time-sink of inefficient meetings first-hand. Triggered by the frustration of time-wasted and inspired by changing this for the future, they co-founded Timeinvest with a crystal clear mission: 

“By capturing anonymous and unbiased feedback, we will revolutionize the way meetings are prepared and conducted - ensuring they become a catalyst for (more) progress rather than a time sink.’’ 

Meet the Team

Our Values

We have had the pleasure of gaining extensive experience working within every conceivable type of organization. With this in mind, we truly believe that every successful company has to operate based on values that ultimately lead to sustainable growth, both personal and professional. 

Be Passionate

We’re committed in heart and mind.

Love what you do

We’re in it together, let’s make it a fun ride!

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Strong Diversity

We’re as inclusive as our brands.

Customers Rule

We’re obsessed with our Customers' Feedback.

Join us now and help drive this movement forward!
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What we believe 

Time is what we want most, but often use worse. In the new area where hybrid work is here to stay, resulting in 30% more meetings - it has never been more relevant to zoom out and reflect on our time spent. 


Optimizing your meeting culture and creating a safe environment for feedback,  will both lead to more engagement during meetings which will have a significant positive effect on productivity.  


Timeinvest is not only a tool that will help you do so, but a powerhouse providing insights and offering services that help organizations optimize their meeting and feedback culture,which are key drivers for better business outcomes. 

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