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Agile Teams

Revolutionize your agile processes with our meeting intelligence platform designed specifically for high-performing teams striving for continuous improvement and excellence!

Agile leaders, welcome to a world where every meeting is a stepping stone to your team’s success! TimeInvest is here to empower your agile teams with structured, efficient, and productive meetings, allowing for iterative tweaks every cycle, enhancing your adaptability, and making continuous improvement a breeze!​

Why Agile teams love TimeInvest

Iterative Improvement

Adapt and evolve every sprint cycle with seamless, incremental tweaks, ensuring your agile practices are continually refined and optimized.

Enhanced collaboration

Foster a collaborative environment where every voice is heard, ideas are shared freely, and innovative solutions are born.

Real-Time Analytics

Monitor your team’s progress with real-time data, enabling agile coaches to identify areas for improvement and implement changes swiftly.

Sustainable Growth

Cultivate a resilient and responsive agile team, capable of navigating through challenges and emerging stronger, cycle after cycle.

Are you familiar with the "Return on Time Invested" (ROTI) method? A quick and easy method to check whether meetings add value to their participants, as well as making them more effective.

From Agile for Agile


TimeInvest isn't just a tool; it's a testament to the spirit of Agile innovation. Features build to optimize your workflows, make data-driven decisions, and, above all, prioritize collaboration. Imagine, all of your Agile ceremonies improving 1% at the time, that's sustainable improvement.  We've build a product that doesn't just follow Agile principles; it embodies them.

The founders of TimeInvest bring years of experience from the frontlines of Agile working and growing scale-ups. We help you find the right cadence in your meeting culture.

Discover the future of agile meetings with TimeInvest! 🌟 Empower your agile team, foster collaboration, drive improvement, and lead your team to unprecedented heights! 🚀 Click below and start your journey towards agile excellence!

Let’s Work Together

Thank you, Agile leaders, for leading the way to a more collaborative, adaptive, and efficient future. We're excited to be part of your agile journey and can’t wait to see the amazing things your team will achieve with TimeInvest.

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