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Meeting Intelligence

At TimeInvest, we empower meeting leaders to harness the unparalleled potential of their teams. Our cutting-edge Meeting Intelligence Platform enables you to effortlessly gather anonymous, unbiased, and high-quality feedback from every participant.

Experience the power of TimeInvest's Meeting Intelligence Platform and revolutionize the way you lead meetings. It's time to make every interaction count.

What we want most, but use worst... time.

Time is valuable. While economic science has developed numerous methods for evaluating the use of capital, the use of time often remains unevaluated and unmanaged. 

We believe in granting a voice to every team member, paving the way for open dialogues and invaluable insights that propel organizational success forward. With TimeInvest, you'll not only run more effective meetings but also drive your entire organization to new heights.

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"Only 11% of employees consistently felt engaged in meetings, while 43% reported feeling unfocused and disengaged."

Mo Kalawa
Agile Lead Volkswagen Financial Service AG

“We improved our meetings on behalf of our people and engaged them to value their time."

Jörg Meier
Head of Digital Engineering - Vodafone GmbH

"I love data-driven decisions. TimeInvest gives power to your people and provides the data to improve or kill your meeting."

Pelle Boese
CTO Cannavigia 

“We have been able to raise the awareness and restructure our meeting cadence for good.”


Visualize enhancing your productivity by trimming 10% off every meeting you conduct, or even eliminating 25% of unnecessary meetings altogether. Elevate the efficiency of productive meetings and dismiss the unfruitful ones. The realization of smarter, not harder, work begins with precise measurement and insightful meeting intelligence.

Discover a world where every discussion is streamlined, every conversation is value-driven, and every meeting is purposeful. Start measuring, start optimizing, and watch your work environment transform!



Agile Teams

Learn how Agile teams can optimize their meetings



Learn how to facilitate fast growth with meeting better


Consulting Firms

Learn how consulting firms can improve their meetings

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How TimeInvest works

Functionality You Will Love


Add your meetings

Connect your calendar and let our API's do their magic. Alternatively, you can manually sync a selection of meetings you'd like to improve. 


Evaluate meetings

Evaluate the feedback and sentiment trends generated by your attendees. Get a solid understanding of what people liked and disliked. 


Get direct feedback

Attendees of your (selected) meetings will receive a request to evaluatie right after your meeting. Allowing their to share their thoughts before they fade.


Act on the feedback

Now you know, it's time to act! Use the provided feedback to iterate your meetings, a little better every time! Plan, Do, Check & Act. 

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